Charlie Blair [Charlie]

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Charlie works on commercialising new energy technologies. He understands the market fundamentals of emerging energy technologies (renewable energy, but also energy storage and management) and how new technologies fit into existing energy and economic systems.

He is a geographer who has been working in clean energy since 2002 and has an MSc in Environmental Technology (Energy Policy) from Imperial College London. Charlie has worked for his own company, CWB Energy Ltd, which develops farm-scale projects as well as doing analytical contracting work, and for specialist energy consultancies including Delta Energy & Environment and IPA Energy. As a consultant he has worked with Utilities, Governments, Universities and early stage technology companies. Always with the common theme of commercialising technologies or concepts that are nearly but not quite market-ready and need to make commercial progress as well as technical progress. He has also worked directly for organisations including the Carbon Trust, the Sustainable Development Commission Scotland and Solar Century.

Charlie has worked on a number of technologies and intentionally never specialised in any one. He has good market experience of solar (PV and thermal); micro- and small-CHP; stationary fuel cells; electricity storage; and biomass heat and power. And he has good technology experience of wave energy and tidal energy. He has also worked on offshore wind, electric vehicles and demand-side-management technologies. Most recently he spent 4 years as a manager in the Carbon Trust’s Innovation Team, leading their work on wave energy and tidal energy. There he led numerous technology assessments and resource analyses, as well as leading design and delivery of multi-million pound UK and international innovation programmes.

Charlie is a director of Clint Estates Ltd, a small farming and forestry enterprise in SE Scotland, and Gravitricity Ltd, an energy storage start-up