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Orchard Research & Enterprise (ORE) is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, registered in Scotland at Companies House. It was founded by orchard and wild fruit practitioners in Scotland. ‘Orchard Revival’ and ‘Scotland the Fruit’ are web initiatives of Orchard Research & Enterprise The aims of ORE are:

Awareness Raising Help the wider community to recognise the multiple benefits and value of orchards; local food, culture and social, health and wellbeing, heritage and history, economic, and biodiversity. Inform the wider community about the culture, heritage and history of local orchards, old and traditional varieties, and traditional practices and knowledge. Help promote the revival of traditional orchards in Scotland for the benefit of the public at large.

Networking of Research and Knowledge Base Create a knowledge hub, the community will benefit from shared experiences, best practice, shared information.

Education & Training Better training will facilitate improved management of our traditional orchards.

Coordination The community will benefit from national coordination of research effort, rather than a disconnected piecemeal approach.

Collaboration Further benefits will come to the community from collaboration both on national and international scales, with other organisations that have an interest in orchards, their products, culture and history.