Cassian Hall [Cassian]

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At the age of four I wanted to be an explorer when I grew up. I imagined that involved slashing my way through the jungle, finding ancient ruins and lost tribes. Although these days I may be more interested in saving the jungle than cutting a swathe through it, I am still driven by the insatiable urge to explore.

I have explored a number of different paths in my career. I’ve been an archaeologist, screen writer, video editor, producer, director and communications consultant. This has given me incredible opportunities to meet and work with a huge and diverse range of people. Archaeological digs in the Middle East introduced me to royalty as well as the migrant workers in the Gulf who live twelve to a room, and to the incredible men and women who strove to make better lives in Colonel Gadaffi’s Libya. My roles in the creative industries have connected me with writers, directors, artists, musicians, software developers, product designers, museum managers, publishers and many more.

All these experiences have confirmed to me that everyone has a fascinating story to tell, whether it’s a personal story, the story of a business or product, the story of a charity campaign or an entirely fictional one.

Stories have now become my business. I run a communications consultancy, Tin Can Telephone, and the Edinburgh arm of a burgeoning and highly regarded literary agency, DHH Literary Agency.

I love to hear clients’ stories and my job is to help you present them to the world.

If you need expert communications consultation at competitive rates or have a book in need of a publisher, please get in touch. I’m here to listen.