Have you got a crunchy issue? Do you need to bounce around an idea? Would you like feedback on something?

Do you just need a listening ear and have no colleagues or don't want to take it to them?

Want advice or feedback to help you think about, prepare for and move on to the next stage?​

The Melting Pot is here to help! Sign on for one of the free mentoring sessions offered twice a month by our founder, Claire Carpenter. Sessions are 20 minutes each and can be in person or by phone.

One session might be enough to get you through to the next stage - whatever that may be. If you need something more ongoing, depending on demand, this may be possible too.

There's no need to feel shy to ask for some personal time - it's already set aside to support you however we can.

It takes two simple steps to book yourself an appointment. First, register for a ticket below, this will reserve you one of the next available slots. Claire will then let you know which dates are available and ask you to confirm a time and date that suit you both.

You can also get in touch with Claire directly to set up your appointment claire@themeltingpotedinburgh.org.uk