Crowdfunding has become quite the buzz word recently, yet with a success rate of around 20% it must be harder than just putting up a page and waiting for the money to flood in.
In reality, crowdfunding is hard work, and it is stressful, but Crowdfund 360 have developed 6 steps to crowdfunding success. This workshop will provide an overview of the key steps needed to succeed in any crowdfunding campaign. There will be a strong focus on building your crowd and how to portray your campaign. 
The workshop will put you in the backers shoes so you can understand the logic, science and creativity needed to succeed in crowdfunding. There will also be time to think about how YOU can apply these steps to your project and we will look at the good, the bad and the ugly to reinforce the stats about crowdfunding campaigns.
In practice, those who follow Crowdfund 360's guidance and adhere to these steps have an 80% chance of reaching their funding target.
Whether you are looking to sell a product, get investors, increase your customer base, increase your PR presence or just access more funding, this workshop is for you.
Crowdfund 360 are running a full day, follow up event on Thursday 11 October that goes into even more detail about running a crowdfunding campaign. On top of invaluable insight you will receive a free, half hour 1:1 after the event and a £10 pledge from Crowdfund 360 when you go on to launch. Attendees of this TMPEvent, Successful Crowdfunding, will receive an exclusive discount code - don't miss out!
Tickets are non refundable