Jamie Cooke [Jamie Cooke]

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As Head of RSA Scotland (the Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), Jamie works to bring people together to put ideas into action. Fascinated by Enlightenment values and the potential of Scotland’s population, he works across a broad range of topics, including education, social enterprise, entrepreneurialism, civic engagement, design and leadership.

Prior to working at the RSA, Jamie’s background included working with ethnic minority communities in Scotland, voter engagement and managing some of Glasgow’s biggest cultural venues. He has been involved in the boards of several organisations, and values the importance of the board within a dynamic setting such as The Melting Pot. He has published research into civic engagement in Scotland, is an experienced public speaker on a broad range of topics and is currently a member of the impartial Commission on School Reform being chaired by Keir Bloomer.