Jenni Inglis [Jenni]

My profile

Jenni enables wider participation in innovation of policy, services and human systems using methods from design and action research, and supporting others to use these methods, within standard or bespoke frameworks.

Jenni's company, VIE for Life Ltd, are experts in enabling participation by staff, citizens and end-users in innovation and improvement of policy, services and human systems. We offer evaluation, evaluation support, action research support, design-led innovation and design-led innovation support. We also work with associates with skills in design, organisational development and action research and we collaborate with other organisations on participatory approaches like Positive Deviance and on programme level evaluations. VIE's clients can also benefit from Jenni's background in social value accounting and experience of public sector commissioning and procurement. Jenni was one of the first 10 accredited SROI practitioners worldwide and has served on the board of the Social Return on Investment Network, now Social Value UK, since 2008. She is co-chair of Social Value International's Methodology Sub-Committee. VIE have worked with many public bodies to improve their commissioning practice in order to achieve more social value.

Jenni is also co-founder of Wellderly; showcasing how the skills and life experience of diverse older people can be brought together to create new solutions to social problems and thereby change views of ageing and what ageing population means. Wellderly was a winner of the Scottish Institute for Enterprise's Young Innovator's challenge and was selected for the Melting Pot's Social Innovation Incubator Award 2014-15.