The future is in our hands, or is it really?

Join the conversation about workplace design evolution, the ways it affects our productivity and some thoughts on what the future might hold. This event is co-hosted by Sonas and HaticeXInterior as part of the the Architecture Fringe

What is the event about?

The way we work has significantly changed in the past 100 years and continues to change rapidly. From skyscrapers and cubicle farms the workplace has transformed into a ‘latte-and-laptop’ driven culture with rising flexibility and remote working experience. The ‘anywhere works’ trend allows us to bring our ‘home to work’ and the other way around regularly so the office is increasingly no longer necessary for face-to-face interactions.

The sixty-four thousand dollar question is what is going to happen next? And will the future still be in our hands?

Are we still in charge or have we already lost control trapped inside the growing ‘dotcom bubble’? Might offices just disappear? And critically, will our future working lives be better - or more frustrating and miserable?

The event consists of 3 parts:

  • 30 minute documentary about the history of the transformation of office design with behavioural science research on productivity and wellbeing in the workplace
  • A thought provocative industry experts panel discussion
  • Q&A and guest opinions with drinks and nibbles

Why should you attend?

The world of work is changing, it's up to current generations to help share the future workplace and ensure its a sight we want to see.

We want to hear YOUR VOICE about the future of the workplace that YOU want to see.