A Citizen's Assembly Cafe Event

What are citizen’s assemblies? 

Citizens’ assemblies or people’s assemblies are a way of consulting the general public on controversial issues. A representative group of citizens or residents - often randomly selected through sortition - are invited to discuss an issue and to come up with a recommendation over a series of weekends. The participants hear from experts to make informed decisions on the issue, and are then invited to deliberate in groups - aided by impartial facilitators to eventually develop final recommendations.

For this event, Demsoc will begin with a short video that explains what citizens’ assemblies are, followed by an informal ‘cafe-style’ discussion. This will be a chance to come along, learn about citizens’ assemblies, network with others, and discuss democracy, decision making, and related approaches to tackling local and even national issues.

 Of course since it’s a café…tea, coffee and soft drinks will be provided as fitting with the cafe theme! - We look forward to seeing you there.