The world of finance has so many elements to it and fast-moving, that it’s almost impossible to keep up! Luckily for us James from Charles Derby Financial Advisors have offered to clear things up for us.

James and his colleagues have been going around different coworking spaces throughout the UK offering a free information session covering a wide range of topics as well as answering any burning questions people may have, and has offered to come to TMP to do the same (how nice of them!)

A big part of James’ job revolves around tax mitigation (not tax avoidance!) which can be especially useful for self-employed individual and LTD companies however big or small they are. He will also delve into work placed benefits, such as pensions and insurances, and how to make them more tax efficient, pros, cons and costs.

Given the way the world economy is going (i.e. USA/China trade war, Brexit…) it can be comforting to know what is happening with your pension and investments from someone at the forefront.

Tickets are non-refundable