Coronavirus. Climate change. Inequality. Ecological collapse. All connected. It's time to build back better. But how can social innovators and leaders best work for the future we all need – while also addressing the very real immediate challenges faced by so many? 

We believe that this time offers a uniquely fertile space to work together to put the well-being of people and the rest of nature at the very heart of our society and economy.  We will succeed only if enough of us are willing and able to bring not just our expertise, but also our heart and soul to our leadership.

Join this co-learning dialogue for a rare opportunity to reflect deeply on what building back better may mean for each of us as social innovators and leaders:

–What will help us deal with the complexity and novelty of this time of turmoil?

–How will we challenge and overcome the ways of thinking that got us to this point?

–How will we make time to get to grips with the most ambitious, demanding and long-term goals in history?

–What will help us acknowledge and engage with the emotional and psychological aspects of these challenges?

Osbert Lancaster will facilitate an engaging discussion, in large and small groups, to help each of us clarify our path - and find inspiration and support among our peers.

Osbert Lancaster facilitates wilderness retreats for sustainability leadership (Natural Change) and consults to organisations transforming society for people and planet (Realise Earth). Osbert has been a sustainability consultant, facilitator and educator for over two decades. He clients include leading community groups, NGOs, universities and the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament. Realise Earth is member of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.