How to have more effective conversations with your team and Board

Do you ever feel that team or Board meetings can go round in circles? Or that you’ve got great people around you but somehow you don’t feel able to tap into their full potential and expertise? To be more effective we have to think about how we are framing the dialogue, making sure everybody is clear what we’re really talking about and how to engage with each other. When that’s in place, you can shift the dynamics and get inclusive participation from the whole team.

In the session we will cover:
  • The difference between ‘positional’ and ‘generative’ conversations and how to use them to explore ideas and make decisions
  • The methods that Pixar and Disney use to help their teams to spark their creativity
  • How to bring these tools into your teams to change the dynamics and get everybody involved
This 60 minute session will be interactive so you get practical experience that you can take back to use within your organisation.

Joe Trodden works with entrepreneurial leaders in the post start-up growth stage of their business, focusing on strategic roadmaps and leadership mindset. He has worked with over 300 businesses to create the clarity required for leaders to reach their next level, both personally and for the business.