Basic Income in Scotland A basic income is a monthly payment that goes to everyone regardless of their circumstance, forever. It would transform the lives of many and open up opportunities for most.

Scotland has been considering basic income for some years with Scottish Government funding four local authorities to look in detail at the feasibility of a pilot. This has produced world leading research on how to design a good basic income pilots and has highlighted Westminster barriers to their implementation. The First Minister has come out in support of pilots, the next stage is about creating a political movement towards a basic income. Which makes this the perfect time to learn more.

Cleo Goodman is the Co-Founder of the Basic Income Conversation (and spends the other half of her week as The Melting Pot's Communications and Social Impact Manager). The Basic Income Conversation was set up to coordinate the movement towards a basic income, to bring researchers, politicians, activists and the public together to call for a basic income that improves the lives of everyone in the UK.

During this event she will introduce the concept of basic income, give a background to the global context and will give her view on how we get there. Then there will be plenty of time for questions and debate. The voluntary sector, entrepreneurship and the future of work would all be transformed by a basic income - this will be the focus of the discussion.

Join this event to learn more about basic income in Scotland and around the world and to discuss its potential impact on the third sector.