Join Dawn Findlay from Edinburgh Community Yoga for a gentle, early morning Vinyasa flow right in the centre of Edinburgh. Whether you're a Member of The Melting Pot, based in Thorn House or work somewhere close by, this is a perfect chance for some energising exercise and midweek self care.

Doors will be open from 7:20am and yoga mats are not provided. We don't have showering facilities, although it will be a gentle, beginners class so you likely won't need one anyway. There are a few places to get changed, but where possible please come along in your yoga kit.

Join us every Wednesday as we take to our yoga mats, gather ourselves and reflect on the week in progress.

A class is £10 for members of the public and £7 for Members of The Melting Pot*.

*Members please note: you will not be able to view or purchase a Member ticket until you log in to your Nexudus account. 

Tickets are non refundable and you can book your space any time until 7:30am on the day of the class.


Edinburgh Community Yoga is a social enterprise, attending any of their classes, including these at The Melting Pot, supports their work and the Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach programme. They reach people who wouldn’t normally make it to a yoga studio and teach everywhere: universities, psychiatric hospitals, office spaces, living rooms, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre’s, corporate events, football stadiums and homeless charities.

The aim of Edinburgh Community Yoga is simple: equip people in Edinburgh with the skills to better deal with stress, improve health and mental well-being and provide a learning environment that is safe, supportive and enjoyable.

Join us at your mat, feel the benefits of listening to your body and breathing mindfully with the added benefit of supporting this fabulous social enterprise. Find other Edinburgh Community Yoga classes and how else to support their work here.