Facilitation can be an ominous task. But, in essence, it’s something we do every day. We guide others through interactions all the time: in one to one conversations, meetings and our day to day work. The Art of Facilitation is an interactive workshop that will help translate those existing abilities into strong facilitation skills.

Helen Denny is the founder of Not9to5, a community that gives people the skills and confidence to transition away from a traditional 9am – 5pm work life. Helen is a highly skilled and experienced facilitator and she will be showing us the ropes.

We’ll explore the role of facilitator, what you should be prepared for and the bits you don’t need to worry about. We’ll look at openings and closings, physical space, navigating difficult situations and acknowledging different learning styles.

Throughout there will be opportunities to practice facilitating groups and interactions, in a safe space.

Tickets are non-refundable