Who doesn't love a lunch date? What is usually the first Friday of every month is on a THURSDAY in January! Let's all gather round for a delicious lunch (from our fabulous caterers Soupmonger and Breadshare) with a bunch of fascinating folk.


Members’ Lunch at The Melting Pot consists of piping hot homemade soup and fresh sourdough bread (from our fabulous caterers Soupmonger and Breadshare), flowing conversation and the occasional tasty extra.


Make the most of The Melting Pot network YOU are a Member of. This is a very casual and tasty way to meet some of your fellow potters and check in with all the goings on here at The Melting Pot. If you can’t make it in to The Melting Pot often this is a perfect excuse.


A yummy, cheap lunch out – plus, the time you’re here munching doesn’t come off your hours!