UnFound Roadshow

A platform business is one that primarily utilises digital networks to deliver their service. A co-operative is run by its members not by institutional investors or distant shareholders. Combine the two and you have a platform co-operative – a viable business model that also offers democratic ownership and governance to its users.

UnFound is an incubator for tech founders and start-ups looking for a different way to set-up and run platform businesses. It brings together platforms that would like to go about their business in a more collaborative and inclusive way and champions a specific model – platform co-operatives.

This Spring UnFound are off on the road, delivering 24+ events in tech and innovation hubs around the UK. They’re bringing the Unfound Roadshow to The Melting Pot for their Edinburgh stop!

At this event we will:

  • Hear about the potential for platform co-ops
  • Hear how your platform or product could benefit from the co-op model
  • Learn about next steps and support available
  • Meet others exploring this space for their next platform idea