To celebrate The Melting Pot turning 11 years old we are hosting a potluck dinner! Spend your Monday enjoying an array of delicious treats with Potters and Members of the wider TMP community. 

What's a potluck? Well the intention is that everyone cooks something different, we lay all the dishes out and help ourselves to a delicious, diverse dinner. We expect there will be everything from thoughtfully, homemade delights to tasty snacks bought at the last minute from Sainsbury's next door. We welcome everyone regardless of the food they're able to bring along! It's our birthday and we want to spend it chatting and munching with our nearest and dearest. 

So far we have:

  • Head of Collaboration Sam is making black bean falafel
  • Cleo of front desk fame is going to assemble a lovely lasagne 
  • Hosting extraordinaire Anna will be bringing along some spectacular sushi (vegan and gluten free to boot!)

Let us know if you're coming along, by booking a ticket or emailing, and tell us what you're planning on bringing so we can add you to the menu!

Bring a dish (and bottle if you fancy), we'll provide all the crockery and cutlery needed. You're welcome to use the kitchen to heat dishes in the oven, microwave or on the hobs, we also have cooking equipment; baking trays, saucepans and the like.